• Dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Indian River Lagoon

    Indian Riverkeeper Marty Baum

  • Damaging fresh water discharges from Lake Okeechobee flow into the Indian River Lagoon.

    The most biodiverse estuary in North America is under threat.

  • Strong advocacy is important for a healthy lagoon.

    The Indian Riverkeeper organization works hard for clean water throughout the Indian River Lagoon’s watershed.

  • The Indian River Lagoon gives to us all.

    Everything about our way of life is enhanced and given greater value due to the influence of the Indian River Lagoon.

  • When aqua waters turn brown, all creatures suffer.

    Humans also depend on the health and vigor of the Lagoon’s ecosystem. Our fate is tied to the fate of the Lagoon.

The mission of the Indian Riverkeeper is to protect and restore the waters of North America’s most diverse estuary, the Indian River Lagoon, its tributaries, fisheries and habitats through advocacy, enforcement and citizen action.


Like many ecosystems worldwide, our lagoon is in trouble. Water management, drainage and land use policies have chipped away at the very things that protect our waters. We have made many mistakes over the years and they are now coming back to haunt us by killing our beautiful estuary. We are near a tipping point. Large infusions of tainted storm water and agricultural runoff from watersheds not naturally connected to the lagoon are taking a heavy toll. Once again, the threat of more dirty Okeechobee Lake discharges loom on the horizon.

You have the right to clean water. You are the owner of your rivers and coastal estuary. U.S. federal law gives citizens the power to prosecute environmental crimes, and Waterkeeper organizations, including the Indian Riverkeeper, enforce these laws, patrolling our waterways and protecting our communities. But we need help. We can’t do it alone. If enough of you get involved and demand clean water, we can make it happen. Join me, and let’s work together to preserve and restore our legacy, the Indian River Lagoon.