The Indian Riverkeeper works on behalf of the Indian River Lagoon, its watershed, and the communities whose life it enriches. Our active advocacy is wide ranging. Whether working with local authorities to create Lagoon-friendly fertilizer ordinances or patrolling the Lagoon for polluters, the Indian Riverkeeper organization and its volunteer network are ready to answer the call.

Indian Riverkeeper accomplishes our mission by:

  • Regularly patrolling the Lagoon in the Indian Riverkeeper patrol boat
  • Advocating for public policy that benefits the well-being of the Lagoon and its watershed
  • Investigating complaints involving pollution, dumping, fish kills, and algae blooms
  • Participating in legal actions to defend the Lagoon and its watershed
  • Assisting with scientific monitoring of water quality in the Lagoon and its watershed
  • Speaking to civic clubs, regulatory agencies, legislators, and local governments about Lagoon issues
  • Educating children and the community at large about the Lagoon
  • Encouraging community participation in efforts to protect and restore the Lagoon

Indian Riverkeeper Priorities Include:

  • Discharges of polluted fresh water from Lake Okeechobee and western agricultural lands into the St. Lucie Estuary and the Indian River Lagoon
  • Nutrient loading that leads to toxic algae blooms
  • Legal action in conjunction with the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County to halt the Crosstown Parkway Extension Project, which would impact the Halpatiokee Trail section of the Savannas Preserve State Park, as well as the North Fork of the St. Lucie River
  • Deployment of Kilroy devices with ORCA to monitor water quality in the Lagoon and its watershed
  • Working toward the implementation of strong fertilizer ordinances in counties bordering the Lagoon
  • A derelict vessel removal initiative in concert with several counties via public and private partnerships
  • Fighting to require stormwater treatment and control, to limit stormwater discharge into the Lagoon
  • Numerous education and outreach efforts throughout the community

The mission of the Indian Riverkeeper is to protect and restore the waters of North America’s most diverse estuary, the Indian River Lagoon, its tributaries, fisheries and habitats through advocacy, enforcement and citizen action.