Individual actions can add up to a sea change, and there are many things you can do to help the Indian River Lagoon. Become an advocate for clean water, make simple lifestyle changes, report violations and pollution, volunteer to help, and more.

What to do if you see a violation that could harm the Lagoon

The Indian Riverkeeper wants to know about any suspected violations with the potential to harm the lagoon, its watershed, habitat or wildlife. Typical violations include events such as discharges of pollution, dumping, accidental spills, filling, fish kills,  illegal gill nets, or algae blooms. Contact Riverkeeper Marty Baum at 772-631-5827 or .

Always report critical information, like the presence of algae blooms or fish kills to the Indian Riverkeeper.

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Make your voice heard! Become an advocate for clean water.

Advocating for clean water

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Join the Indian Riverkeeper and become part of the solution.

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Depend on the Indian Riverkeeper to address your concerns

The Riverkeeper has extensive knowledge of state and local agencies and will determine the best course of action. He can navigate the layers of state and federal bureaucracy, find those who can do something about a problem, and follow up to hold the responsible agencies accountable. The Riverkeeper’s experience and know-how, along with the clout of our member base, ensure that your concerns will be listened to.

Some incidents should be phoned in immediately

Some incidents, like dead, sick or, injured sea turtles, or hazardous spills should be phoned in immediately to the agencies concerned. If you report an incident directly to an agency, please alert the Indian Riverkeeper – he will follow up to ensure that action is taken on your report.


Fish Kill Hotline: 1-800-636-0511

Oil, fuel, or hazardous material spills:

Wildlife Alert Hotline
(for i
njured, sick, or dead Sea Turtles
or Manatees): 1-888-404-3922